100 days of Boris Johnson as Mayor of London in 7 points

Boris Johnson is celebrating his first 100 days as Mayor of London today. How is his government? Has the blonde ‘Spectator’ editor been living up to his electors’ expectations? Is everything going smoothly?

The first 100 days of Boris Johnson’s government have, like every government, been full of ups and downs, criticism and praise. It’s time to see what he is doing because the City Hall decisions can make the difference both for you and for your business.

Here are the main policy actions from the period from the 4th of May to now in 7 main sections:


From the 1st of June drinking alcohol on the London transport network became illegal. The new law is now applied on the London Underground, Buses, DLR and Croydon Trams. This has been widely criticised as posturing on the part of the administration, though some do believe that this is one step closer to safer streets in London.


He has promised that the “bendy buses” will be off the streets for being too long and cumbersome for the city traffic. Instead Boris has promised that the old routemaster will be restored, even if it doesn’t provide access to the disabled. Promises, but this process will be long in the making as it will need years for this change to take place.


Don’t be scared, assures Boris. Though knife crime has increased, the police are instigating Operation Blunt 2, the new plan to stop the terrible series of teenage stabbings.


The main news about development in London is that 10,000 trees will be planted and more drinking fountains will be built to make London more beautiful.


More trees will be planted- part of Boris’ election campaign was to make London the greenest city in the world. However, the contracts for a fleet of hydrogen vans, cars and motorbikes have been canceled… Maybe Boris wants all his Londoners to cycle…


The milestone in the future is of course 2012 when London will host the Olympic Games and with the Olympics on in Beijing, everyone has Olympic fever. The Mayor has ordered detailed reports on the work load and cost of the games (despite being unaware of such documents!) and he is sure that they will be the most wonderful Olympics in history.


Boris Johnson is woefully famous for his gaffes in every kind of situation and on every topic. Even he has confirmed to do four gaffes a day, but with genuine humour he soldiers on, riding his bike everyday to his office at City Hall.

To know more about Boris Johnson there is his blog and a rich selection of his most famous quotes. And you, what do you think?

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