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Can I use my Virtual Office address as my Limited Company’s registered office?

How call forwarding leaves you able to make an impact on other areas of your business

If you have a Mail Forwarding service or Virtual Office package with us, you can use our address (20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU), as your company’s contact address. This means you can give it out to your customers and other business contacts on your website, stationery and any printed materials you may use to advertise your business. But you can’t use it as your limited company’s registered office … unless you have the necessary registered office add-on service. Continue reading

20-22 Wenlock Road, N1 7GU: A flexible coworking space

Working from home is a practical working solution for businesses owners across the capital – but what about when you want a professional, office environment to work from? Or if you need to host a meeting? Sometimes home just won’t cut it. That’s where Work Hub MadeSimple comes in. Continue reading

Mail Forwarding UK: Ideal for home based businesses


Many of the UK’s small businesses begin as home based operations. This is totally understandable when you consider that business owners may still be holding down a full-time job when starting out and working from home in their free time is the easiest way to test the waters. It also makes sense when you look at the astronomical costs involved with renting/buying office space. But one issue that running a business from home does bring up is credibility. Continue reading

Virtual office services: London loves them

Virtual office services: London loves them

One of the most remarkable things about living in an age of interconnectivity is the ability to maintain a business presence in a location that is not your own. This is the main appeal of virtual offices for many businesses located outside the capital. Continue reading

Virtual Office: London Business Address Pros and Cons

Virtual office: London business address pros and cons

London businesses have advantages and disadvantages. It’s the same of any geographical location. The advantages of a particular location change based on the type of industry you’re in. For example, a movie studio in Hollywood is going to fare better than one in Bognor (probably!). Continue reading

Welcome to Startup Land!

n1 startup land _Blog image (1)

The place where startups thrive. It’s incredible just how many businesses have chosen this thriving part of London as their base. In and around #N1 #OldStreet and #TechCity – we identified a range of neighbours – design agencies, digital marketers, publishers, co-working spaces, games companies, bars, restaurants, coffee shops – you name the sector – it’s here.  Continue reading