How can I change my Mail Forwarding Option?

How’s your mail handled?

Rather easily!

If you have a Mail Forwarding or Virtual Office service with London Presence, you have a number of “Mail Forwarding Options” – ie what we do with your mail once we receive it:

  • Post When Arrives
  • Post Weekly on Fridays
  • Collect
  • Scan
  • Scan and Collect
  • Scan and Post

When initially signing up for your service, you simply select one of the above.

If you wish to change how your mail is handled after signing up:

  1. Sign In to London Presence
  2. Select “My Services”
  3. Scroll to “Preferences” and select “Change”
  4. Scroll to “Mail Forwarding Options” and select the relevant circle
  5. Select “Save”

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