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Why would you need a virtual office?

Why would you need a virtual office?

Starting a business (especially if it’s the first time) can be a daunting process, it’s no surprise that the address of the business can be an afterthought. You need to be as prepared and professional as possible to attract clients, which is why many new business owners who work from home or from a coworking space need a virtual office. Let’s explore a few ways having a virtual office can benefit your business.

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Mail Forwarding UK: Ideal for home based businesses


Many of the UK’s small businesses begin as home based operations. This is totally understandable when you consider that business owners may still be holding down a full-time job when starting out and working from home in their free time is the easiest way to test the waters. It also makes sense when you look at the astronomical costs involved with renting/buying office space. But one issue that running a business from home does bring up is credibility. Continue reading

Welcome to Startup Land!

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The place where startups thrive. It’s incredible just how many businesses have chosen this thriving part of London as their base. In and around #N1 #OldStreet and #TechCity – we identified a range of neighbours – design agencies, digital marketers, publishers, co-working spaces, games companies, bars, restaurants, coffee shops – you name the sector – it’s here.  Continue reading

7 scenarios where a Virtual Office can help your business

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One of the most significant issues that a small business will contend with – certainly in its early days – is that of office space. If your business is small and only recently started trading then the costs of having a full time office can be extremely prohibitive. With your business in its relative infancy, the last thing you need to think about is the rent costs that come from having a physical office space. Continue reading

8 reasons why we love N1


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As you may be aware, we recently relocated headquarters to brand new offices, and this in turn has meant a brand new postcode – N1. To commemorate the move we thought we’d share with you some of the reasons why we love our new area, right in the heart of Tech City.

Old Street Roundabout = Silicon Roundabout

The area surrounding Old Street Station has been affectionately nicknamed Silicon Roundabout after its US counterpart, Silicon Valley. And with good reason: this postcode has the highest number of web businesses and start-ups in the country. Recent findings show that approximately 15,000 tech start-ups have come to life in Tech City in the last few years. Not a bad place for our company to be based!

We’re in good company

MadeSimple aren’t the only ones who’ve opened up in N1 recently. Some of our Silicon Roundabout neighbours include Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Pinterest.

There’s always something going on

Capitalising on the creative energy of the area, the organisers of London Technology Week have decided N1 is the best place to hold their annual event. The London Innovation Summit will also take place here this Autumn. On top of this, businesses often choose the area to host launches, events and talks. Continue reading