How a virtual office handles your mail like a business concierge

How a virtual office handles your mail like a business concierge

Your virtual office is not just a place to send your business mail. It’s also a place where it will be cared for with a service that really looks after your packages and letters. It’s about convenience. The modern business world relies on couriers, delivery times and signatures to keep going – so there is a great importance in having your mail handled properly.

The key to getting this done the way you would like is dedication. Many business owners manage this themselves, but having an experienced virtual office team able to cater to your needs and reliably handle important mail is a convenient alternative.

With Virtual Office MadeSimple you can choose your mail forwarding package based on what your business needs – you can even ‘pay-per-item’ so choose your pacakge now. You can’t really get away from the fact that post needs to be sent recorded delivery in business, so let’s look at how the convenience of having someone signing for your recorded post can help a business.

What Are The Business Advantages Of Mail Forwarding?

From a broad point of view, you can say that there are plenty of advantages to mail forwarding. Remember the last time you missed a package that needed to be signed for? It’s a hassle and inconvenience, especially if you’re a busy startup.

The real benefit in a broad sense is that it’s one less worry. You can focus your attention elsewhere, which is extremely beneficial. This is advantages for a growing business in the following ways:

  • Time – By not having to wonder around post offices or get a different delivery time arranged, you save a significant amount of valuable time. Time is so valuable to a business, technology writer Lisa Eadicicco said in Business Insider that “When you’re trying to start your own company, one of the biggest obstacles can be effective time management”.
  • Stress – Dealing with post can be stressful, especially at larger volumes. An experienced team adept at dealing with all mail handling and forwarding tasks can alleviate stress so a startup doesn’t have to worry about post at all.
  • Convenience – Sometimes waiting for an important piece of mail is just inconvenient, maybe you have an important meeting you need to get to instead of waiting at a certain location for a package. In a virtual office with mail forwarding somebody is always there waiting for your delivery – so you’re free to do whatever you need to do to grow your business.

The business advantages of mail forwarding and a virtual office are very much about freeing up resources that can then be devoted to the core values of your company. There are just incredible amounts of time and stress that are cumulatively quite damaging to a business.

If you could look back in a year and calculate all the time your business spent on handling post, it’s very possible you’d wish that time was used differently. This is what mail forwarding can alleviate, because you always know you’ve not wasted any energy in this area unnecessarily.

Beyond Mail Handling & Forwarding – Other Business Advantages Of A Virtual Office

When you can’t receive a package and need to go to the post office on a Saturday morning it’s quite an imposition. A mail forwarding service can help this, but there are other areas that a virtual office can help a young business too.

These areas include:

  • Phone Services – Do you find yourself on the phone dealing with queries or calls more than you’d like? Phone services let you keep track of your calls by having our trusted UK based team write them down and email them to you for you to deal with as and when you please.
  • Holiday Cover – If you can’t take a break, your work and business could suffer. Startups can benefit from holiday cover, to keep your customers happy whilst you’re away – all of your messages can be sent via email or SMS, so you can deal with them wherever you are in the world.
  • Meeting Rooms – If you have an important meeting but not the greatest venue you could make a bad impression. Avoiding that by renting a meeting room for your business dealings can help your startup seem more professional and connected.

Basically a virtual office is like a full concierge service, they are there to deal with anything that might arise and bring it to you how at your convenience.

Virtual Concierge Services For Digital Business

If you have a business you have a desire to grow. You can do so by choosing a virtual office package today and freeing yourself and your business from the hassles of post, phones and meeting spaces. It’s not that easy to start a business, but it’s even harder to create a successful business – so you need all the support you can get.

Thanks for reading, was this useful to you? Please let us know and provide us with any details you think we missed, or if you have any question – just ask. Please see the rest of our blog posts. We make a lot of effort to keep it continually updated with all the best hints and tips. Particularly relevant would be the ‘Virtual Office’ section.

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