Is the economic storm passing?

The sun appears to be breaking through after the storm that hit the financial market last week. The London Stock Exchange has continued to increase its value after the G8 Meeting of Sunday. France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, South Korea, Japan and Qatar all took measures to guarantee deposits and improve bank liquidity, showing an encouraging recovery for markets across the world.

The governments committed trillions of dollars to stop the collapse of the financial system, a measure that appears to have been successful so far. The decision of the American Treasury will provide a wide variety of banks with $250bn (£143bn). However, whilst a renewed confidence this week underlines how the collapse of the markets last week was the result of a common fear, we’re far from clear of danger.

Here some news about the Markets from:

From this market volatility we must learn how the collaboration and the union can help business – every business, including your own.

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