Mail forwarding London companies thrive on

Mail forwarding London companies thrive on

There are many ways to make an impact in business, one of the biggest is improving your reputation. But how do you make your reputation better? Well, by having a prestigious address in central London of course.

Being one of the business hubs of the world, London is extremely desirable to customers and clients as well as business owners. This is why many of our mail forwarding services are so popular, as a London address can help businesses thrive.

This is for many reasons, but  let’s discuss some of the more important ones here.

London Has A BIG Reputation

I mean that in terms of scale, but also in terms of stature. The most important thing to remember is that you have to think about the culture and environment of a location to determine its stature. And as a company, you can take advantage of that stature by using an address in that location.

Locations just have that reputation or they don’t. It’s as simple as that. If you’re prepared to keep within a thriving business environment it’s a good bet that you’re in quite a desirable location. The UK government has a long standing reputation for being favourable to businesses, especially in London.

This is from even the earliest days when there were trading companies set up across the world during Britain’s colonial era. Those days have long since passed, but the tradition is still there. It’s a long and productive process, one that has made the UK economy incredibly strong.

It’s A Centre Of Innovation

Silicon Valley or Silicon Roundabout – whatever way you look at it there are massive perks to being in and around a centre of innovation. It’s a ‘happening’ place. As a result there are many business starting and growing in and around London.

Associating your business with these thriving businesses means you are a part of them. It shows you are actively taking part in the process of business building and can make for a great indicator to a potential client or customer that you are a switched on savvy business in the thick of a place known for innovation.

It’s Connected

Whether you’re talking about the faster internet speeds or the simple fact that infrastructure and transport links are highly connected – they all make London an ideal place to do business. You might very well be successful in running your business from home in countryside, but when you need to have a meeting or you have an important conference to attend it’s very likely to be in a place that you would consider the centre of industry.

It’s A Business Hub

London is great because industries from all over the globe will congregate there, even when that industry is traditionally based somewhere else. Many industries hold numerous conferences in London despite the industry being located in many different places throughout the world.

It truly is a global destination, and as a result there are many different types of business there. You need to keep your head up and be strong to survive as a business, but generally having the reputation of being in a centre of business gives you more chance of success.

But Why Does Location Matter At All?

You might be wondering to yourself, why does location have any impact on your business? After all we live in a highly globalised world where interconnectivity is at the forefront of everything you do. A person travelling on a business trip to China can easily call their significant other via Skype for free provided they have an internet connection – they could even conduct business meetings quite easily – so what’s the big deal?

Location matters for the following reasons:

  • Finding StaffWilliam Craig, founder of web marketing firm WebpageFX, wrote for Forbes in January 2015 that “One of the biggest reasons to continue beating the drum of Location, Location, Location is the problem of talent acquisition. Until your company has the kind of prestige that would cause a job seeker to move across the country to join your team, you’re going to have to rely on local pools of talent”.
  • Convincing Clients & Customers – In the art of marketing, there is no better image than a business located in a thriving area. As William Craig puts it with regards to the importance of location – “And then, of course, we have the matter of image. Like it or not, a company located in a no-name rural town might be passed over in favor of one in a thriving metropolitan area”.
  • Thought Leadership – If you’re looking to become a voice that is listened to, then being located in somewhere with a reputation is beneficial. William Craig uses the example of Silicon Valley and says international business partners “make regular trips to Silicon Valley to meet with investors and partners who haven’t been as quick to move to the greener pastures”. So without a great location you might find that you’re missing out on potentially valuable connections.

The old mantra of location, location, location is a truly interesting one – and one that is alive and well.

Get A Better Location With Mail Forwarding

If you’ve got a business address using company mail forwarding services, you have a better reputation – and you can make sure that you keep taking advantage of that with one of our flexible mail forwarding packages.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog especially the ‘Mail Forwarding’ section.

By Alex Novakovic at MadeSimple – Follow Alex on Google+

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