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Barack Obama: what does he mean for the UK?

Remember Remember the 5th of November… This old poem refers to Guy Fawkes, who was caught in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament with several dozen barrels of gunpowder on 5th November 1605.
But now Remember Remember the 5th of November, the day when the first black man has won the American Presidential Election: Barack Obama will be the new President of the United States, the change has come. Finally.

But what does it mean for the Europe? What will his election mean for the UK? The positive reaction from all sides are unanimous as Barack Obama could be the man of the revival. The UK and US have always had a good relationship, and now it can be strengthened by renovate common values of liberty. Future President Obama is a true ally of Britain and Europe, he knows the importance of working together to come through these difficult economic times and build a safer and more secure society for the future. Whereas British and European citizens couldn’t vote but the expectation on him is immense. And all the world has followed with great estimationthe political campaign and the election, because its outcome is vital to our future.

There are many topics, from the climate change to the global economy, and the new approach of Barack Obama will change the current situation for better. The Bush era is over. Tonight fireworks will flash in the sky over London, rich of meaning and hope for all the City, the country and the world.

Your new tax code for 2008-2009

Over the coming weeks the HM Revenue & Customs will be sending new tax codes to all UK employees.
After personal allowances there are 2 income rate bands:
– 20% up to £36,000 annual gross income
– 40% over £36,000 annual gross income

Form more information you can visit the HMRC website.

Not sure what ‘personal allowance’ means or how to calculate your taxable income? Here’s an example to help you: say your salary is £50,000 before tax. You pay no tax on your personal allowance (for the 2008-2009 tax year, the standard personal allowance for under 65-year-olds is set at £6,035). That leaves £43,965. You would pay 20% on the next £36,000, which would come to £7200 tax. That leaves a remaining £7965 on which you would be paying 40% tax, making the total tax deducted £10,386 and your NET salary £39,614.

What happens if you are not registered with the Inland Revenue? You get a temporary insurance number which is used to establish your tax level. So, before getting your NI number you may well pay too much tax but you can apply for a rebate from the IRS, providing you attach your P60 and payslip of April last tax year and include the reference number of your company and your temporary NI number.

So what happens if you are a resident in another country and you work here? Or if you work abroad but live here? Answers are coming… Keeping checking your daily blog on London Presence for more business advice.

The dark Monday increases the fear of a recession

After a terrible day for worldwide economic stability, banks and governments are taking steps to try and save their country’s businesses from feeling the effects of the ‘credit crunch’. National banks mint more money and Finance Ministers work on new rules to control and protect the savers and the investors.

Many are calling for an official statement on the crisis today, feeling that this latest fall in bank shares is juts the latest chapter in a seemingly endless economic downturn.

Here is our selection of some of today’s essential Business headlines.

  • Panic swept through the world’s financial markets yesterday, wiping $2.5 trillion from share values, amid concern that regulators and politicians were struggling to get a grip on the worsening crisis of confidence. [Timesonline.co.uk]
  • The really urgent issue is the breakdown of wholesale markets, and the increasing difficulty that almost all banks are having in funding themselves on a day-to-day basis. [BBCNews]
  • After the worst day’s trading in over 20 years, analysts had hoped for a relief rally, with speculation growing of concerted central bank action on global interest rates. … Yesterday £93bn was wiped off the FTSE 100 as the leading index plunged by 391.1 points – its third worst daily decline in percentage terms ever. [Guardian.co.uk]
  • Iceland sought a 4 billion-euro ($5.43 billion) loan from Russia, pegged the slumping Kroner to a basket of currencies and took control of its second biggest bank to stem a collapse of the financial system. [Bloomberg.com]

What is londonpresence.com?

Londonpresence.com is not a stand alone organisation: it operates under the larger umbrella of the Made Simple Group. They run multiple separate, yet interlinked, services from the N1 area of London.

London Presence can be basically divided into two fields: the postal department (forwarding, scanning & emailing, taking delivery of items for collection) and one with telephone answering service (taking calls from your clients and passing the messages on to you).

Londonpresence.com has got more than 3,000 of customers from more than 60 countries. There is a multicultural flavour to the office, with six different nationalities that represent in microcosm some of the wonderful diversity to be found in London.

Londonpresence.com is the best solution to having the prestige of a multinational corporation, without the cost: a virtual office is a cheap chance for a global future.