This time last year… London 2012

Browsing through our past blog posts I came across one that I had written in March 2010, ‘Olymp-clinically Obese’. The gist of the post was that Londoners had a right to be cynical about the Olympics a good two years before they took place and that they would no doubt embrace them when they came around.

How right I was.

This got me all sentimental about London this time last year (well almost, the opening ceremony was on July the 27th). Olympic fever reached our office when the torch-bearers paraded down Farringdon Road. You knew something had changed because delayed journeys were met with enthusiasm rather than derision.

We’d caught the Olympic bug… a bug that wouldn’t shift until the closing of the Paralympics in September.

Barely a day went by without a yelp from the kitchen as someone watched a compatriot (compatriot-proper or compatriot-through-sweepstake) grasp gold. There was a real buzz in the office and out in the streets. The world’s best party had come to our doorstep.

A fantastic time to have a London Presence.

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