6 reasons why a N1 London address makes your business one of the cool kids on the block

1. Everyone knows where London is. Sounds obvious but having your registered office and mailing address in London says so much in the business world. Of course having a business address anywhere else is fine, but having a London address really makes a statement about your business and aspirations.

Silicon Roundabout

2. “Tech City B**ch, Tech Tech City B**ch”. N1 is where Silicon Roundabout (tech startup city) is based. Data released earlier this month reveals that for the second year in a row, the area has spawned the most new enterprises in Britain. And you simply could not ask for better business neighbours – your postcode will be shared with the likes of Google Campus and Facebook UK as well as endless tech startups including Moo, Funding Circle and Decoded.

3. Be part of London – The Brand. London is a brand in itself. If you want your business to be part of this, a London postcode is obviously necessary. It’s not just about the aforementioned tech hub, London is a world renowned centre for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

4. New .London domain names. It’s not just your postcode that can be associated with London – you can connect your website too with a .London domain name. Businesswoman Deborah Meaden has already said that all of her 19 companies will be making the move to .London.

5. Jack Bauer is in the house! It’s where the new series of 24 is based. Okay, I’m not suggesting that you will run into Jack Bauer, however the filming of 24 signifies an increasing trend of US TV shows now choosing to move their multimillion-pound productions to London. Over the past year £224.7m has been injected into the British economy. Thanks Jack!

6. You get the best of both worlds. Not everyone is made for the city. If you can’t see yourself sipping Pornstar Martini’s from the Heron Tower or dashing to the underground with your soy latte to go, then why not stay put while your business still carries the prestige of a central London address?

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