Why would you need a virtual office?

Why would you need a virtual office?

Starting a business (especially if it’s the first time) can be a daunting process, it’s no surprise that the address of the business can be an afterthought. You need to be as prepared and professional as possible to attract clients, which is why many new business owners who work from home or from a coworking space need a virtual office. Let’s explore a few ways having a virtual office can benefit your business.

London address

You’ll be looking to win over potential clients in the early stages of the company, which means that it’s important to seem as professional and established as possible. Having a prestigious London address will be a big advantage, especially if located in the heart of the ‘Tech City’ – a place that has a reputation of being home to some of the world’s best startups. Your company will look all the more impressive!

Stop junk mail

If you hate receiving junk mail at your home address, be prepared for a whole lot more when using your address for the business, as advertising your company address leads to unsolicited/unwanted letters. That’s where a virtual office address comes in – if you decide to use our London address we’ll filter out any spam for you.

More choice

Many companies get started whilst business owners are also holding down full-time jobs (now commonly known as a ‘side hustle’). Therefore it can be hard to dedicate time to pick up mail – so let us take care of that for you. With our Virtual Office packages, you can decide whether you want your mail scanned, posted or held for collection so you don’t miss anything.

No unwanted visitors

One of the biggest concerns when using a residential address for a company is privacy and security. Having acted as the Registered Office for many brilliant companies over the years, we’ve seen our fair share of unexpected visitors turn up to speak with the company directors. Using our address means that you can avoid customers appearing on your doorstep and also stop your home address from appearing online.

Never miss a call

You may be short on time to take business calls, which is why our packages also include telephone answering services. Our experienced receptionists can take a call in your company name and send you a message so you can deal with it at a time that suits you. Not only can you rest assured that your calls are being taken care of, but you’ll also impress customers and clients with a professional company receptionist.

Flexible working

Looking to join the rising flexible working movement, or don’t want to be tied down to a permanent office space? A virtual office can allow you to do just that. Whether you prefer working from home or a coworking space, a virtual office gives you the freedom of working from wherever you prefer. This is also a great solution for those who travel around a lot.

You can have it all

If you’ve been reading this blog and have thought, “This is perfect, but I would prefer to also work or hold meetings in the same place as the address”, we can make it happen. We have an onsite coworking space, Work Hub MadeSimple, and occasionally have room for rented office space. And if a client wants to meet at the office – no problem! Book a meeting room with us.

All in all, having a virtual office can be a lifesaver when you are getting started as it’s not always possible to have business premises at the beginning (or perhaps you don’t want to have one). And if you’re wondering if you can sign up from outside the UK – yes, you can!

Want to see what else our Virtual Office services can offer? Take a look here.

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