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Sarah Loves London because…

It’s Sarah!

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow so what better time to post a new “We Love London because” post? Okay, tomorrow may be slightly better. Nonetheless, next up in the hot seat is Sarah, our Social Media Executive:

“When I started working for the Made Simple Group (BEST DAY OF MY LIFE) and moved to London from Wales just over a year ago, I couldn’t wait to see what the ‘big smoke’ had to offer.

Now, what I enjoy most about living in London is being so close to the West End. You can see world famous shows and theatre productions at the drop of a hat. Tonight for example I am going to see The Book of Mormon.

I love being able to go to the theatre every week and having such a large range of productions to choose from. Even the not so famous shows are excellent and illustrate the amount of talent that is in the city.

My favourite show to date? It’s got to be The Lion King. #classic”

Thanks Sarah!

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Richard Loves London because…

Merry Christmas from Richard!

Time for another “We Love London because” blog post! A couple of weeks ago Laura, our Marketing Assistant, told us what she loves about the capital and now it’s the turn of Richard, our Office Manager.

“I love London because I am a street art and graffiti fan! No matter where I go there are amazing pieces by (in)famous street artists:

Invader and his humorous mosaics
Shephard Fairey (Obey) with his Andre The Giant pieces
C215‘s amazing head and shoulder portraits
Dispatch‘s lego pieces
Evol and his tower block stencils
• And probably the most well known of all time, Banksy!

Thank you to Richard for taking part! Tell us in the comments section what you love about London!

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Laura Loves London because…

Laura. In Canterbury.

Here it is, the first “We Love London because…” blog post. In this series of posts, a member of the team is going to name one(ish) thing that they love about London. Kicking us off is our Marketing Assistant, Laura.

“I love London because it’s so easy to get around. Being from a small town in Essex I usually have to drive everywhere. In London everything’s on your doorstep and you’re never short of options; Tube, bus, cab or Boris bike – they’re all great!

It’s great for walking around too. Even if you’re not aiming for anywhere, you can still wander and find some hidden gems, like a good pub or a secret garden.”

Thanks to Laura for stepping up first. What do you love about London? Let us know in the comments section below.

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