Mail Forwarding, Phone Answering & Virtual Office: What’s the difference?

Virtual office makes a better service for your customers. Here’s how.

Here at Virtual Office MadeSimple we provide Mail Forwarding services, Phone Answering services and Virtual Office services. But what exactly is the difference between all these services? Let’s take a look.

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Mail Forwarding

We accept mail on your behalf at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU. We can then handle the mail in a number of different ways; post it to you, hold it for collection, scan you a copy (and then post it or hold it for collection).

Phone Answering

We provide you with a unique phone number to give to your business contacts. How calls are handled depends on your package, with options including divert (sent straight to you), patch (answered in your company name and then sent to you) or answer (answered in your company’s name and then a message forwarded onto you).

Virtual Office

This is simply a combination of our Mail Forwarding service and our Phone Answering service.

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