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5 of the best movies that feature good old fashioned ‘Mail’

5 of the best movies that feature good old fashioned mail

The humble piece of mail is not something you normally associate with movies. However, we think mail has helped shape some of the best (or at least notorious) films ever. So, for no other reason than that we offer mail forwarding services, we thought we’d celebrate some of the movies where mail has played a pivotal role. Let’s take a look; lights, camera, action – MAIL! Continue reading

How to set up your London Virtual Office

Virtual office makes a better service for your customers. Here’s how.

A London Virtual Office service offers many benefits and can be extremely comprehensive in terms of what it offers. From Mail Forwarding to Telephone Answering, it really does cater to the many needs of a small business owner. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can set up your very own Virtual Office: Continue reading

Mail Forwarding UK: Ideal for home based businesses


Many of the UK’s small businesses begin as home based operations. This is totally understandable when you consider that business owners may still be holding down a full-time job when starting out and working from home in their free time is the easiest way to test the waters. It also makes sense when you look at the astronomical costs involved with renting/buying office space. But one issue that running a business from home does bring up is credibility. Continue reading

Welcome to Startup Land!

n1 startup land _Blog image (1)

The place where startups thrive. It’s incredible just how many businesses have chosen this thriving part of London as their base. In and around #N1 #OldStreet and #TechCity – we identified a range of neighbours – design agencies, digital marketers, publishers, co-working spaces, games companies, bars, restaurants, coffee shops – you name the sector – it’s here.  Continue reading

3 reasons why businesses need a virtual office

3 Reasons Why Businesses Need a Virtual Office

We talk a lot about the most important things affecting businesses, and often at great length of the landscape companies have to face. There are profound insights to be made – but every now and then we like to keep things a little less cerebral. Continue reading

Can A Virtual Office Really Make A Difference To Profits?

The idea of a virtual office is simple, it’s an office that doesn’t impact on any physical space in your business. This is beneficial for many reasons, one of which being financial – but it does beg the question, do virtual offices really make a difference to profits? Continue reading

Part of a family business? We’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch if you’re part of a family business!

Offering the services that we do; London based mail forwarding and virtual office solutions, it’s not surprising that a fair portion of our customers are running a business from home. It’s also then safe to assume that a number of these businesses are family businesses.

Why do I bring this up? Because I’ve just read a great article on The Guardian’s Small Business Network: How to survive as a family-owned business. The article is by Mark Ormiston (of Ormiston Wire who’ve been around since 1793) and is well worth a read. However, Mark only touches on possible conflicts that can arise in family-run operations. Continue reading

A Virtual Office offers Real Benefits!

Virtual Offices; Real Solutions

More and more small and medium businesses nowadays choose to make use of a Virtual Office service as a way to be contacted by their clients. The driving factor behind this trend is primarily the huge savings it can bring by assisting with (and addressing) so many aspects of a company’s day-to-day running.

For a small monthly fee, you could benefit from a unique address in Central London for example, or even your very own serviced telephone number, which would go some way towards enhancing the prestige of your company in the eyes of both existing and potential customers. In this day and age keeping one’s address details private is of paramount importance, and if you are still running your business from home, and aren’t ready to move into a professional premises just yet, then this service is certainly for you! Let me tell you a bit more about how a Mail Forwarding service can add to the value of any business. Continue reading