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About Oliver Jackson

Oliver is the Project Management Office Lead at MadeSimple. His duties include overseeing the flow and development of new and existing projects, applying an Agile methodology to our practices. Oliver is an avid bass player and student, with a keen interest in all things Italian, having lived in glitzy Milan for 16 years.

A Virtual Office offers Real Benefits!

Virtual Offices; Real Solutions

More and more small and medium businesses nowadays choose to make use of a Virtual Office service as a way to be contacted by their clients. The driving factor behind this trend is primarily the huge savings it can bring by assisting with (and addressing) so many aspects of a company’s day-to-day running.

For a small monthly fee, you could benefit from a unique address in Central London for example, or even your very own serviced telephone number, which would go some way towards enhancing the prestige of your company in the eyes of both existing and potential customers. In this day and age keeping one’s address details private is of paramount importance, and if you are still running your business from home, and aren’t ready to move into a professional premises just yet, then this service is certainly for you! Let me tell you a bit more about how a Mail Forwarding service can add to the value of any business. Continue reading