3 ways a Mail forwarding Service can help the small business owner

A mail forwarding service can be of great benefit to small business owners, both in the UK and overseas. Here are three ways they can help your business.


London – with her historic buildings, multitudes of markets, city parks, and buzzing opportunities – is a place of business dreams. Having a London address for your small business comes with an image of prestige and influence. But, having an office in this beautiful city also comes with a high price tag, often one not realistic for small or new businesses.

A mail forwarding service however, can give you the image you want while minimising that price tag. Mail forwarding services offer you the ability to appear as though your business is right in the heart of this bustling capital city while not having to pay the rent that comes with having an office here. Our services are available to companies all over the world, so no matter your real location, your business can have a London presence.


Missing a delivery can be frustrating, it can also be inconvenient. With a mail forwarding service, you can be sure to never miss an important delivery. Your parcels won’t be left with a neighbour or taken to a depot miles away from you, or left waiting on your doorstep. By using our mail forwarding service, you can rest easy knowing that your mail and parcels will be delivered to a safe and secure location.


Many small business owners operate their business from their homes. Working from home has great benefits but it also has its downfalls. One of the biggest problems you are faced with is publicising your home address. You want your customers to be able to contact you and send you mail, and you want to include these contact details on your website. But this means that not only can your customers send you mail, they may also attempt to visit you. You may also receive endless amounts of junk mail. This is not an ideal situation.

Using a mail forwarding service gives you the option to hide your home address and to instead advertise our address. We will happily receive your mail and have meeting rooms available to hire should you wish to meet with your clients. Our mail forwarding service also comes with the promise to filter out junk mail.

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