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The rise of the virtual office

The rise of the virtual office

Owning a business no longer means working the 9-5 in a scratchy shirt amid arctic conditions (you can see which side I sit on in the office air-con war).

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Mail Forwarding UK: Ideal for home based businesses


Many of the UK’s small businesses begin as home based operations. This is totally understandable when you consider that business owners may still be holding down a full-time job when starting out and working from home in their free time is the easiest way to test the waters. It also makes sense when you look at the astronomical costs involved with renting/buying office space. But one issue that running a business from home does bring up is credibility. Continue reading

5 reasons why London is the best city in the world to have a business address

5 reasons why London is the best city in the world to have a business address

We quite simply cant get enough of our fantastic city of London. There are so many great perks about having London as your business’s mailing address – but we felt that we would give you five reasons as to why we feel London is quite simply the place to be Continue reading

Have a break – Take a holiday

Have a break - Take a holiday

Holiday –  something employees are all allocated to take each year for the purpose of pursuing leisurely activities and recreation away from the office.  It can also be defined as prolonged downtime which will often involve travelling abroad or going to another part of the country. It is essentially escape from a normal working routine. So for many people, particularly people who work set hours, taking a holiday is something that can be done relatively easily. Continue reading

Why are flexible meeting rooms perfect for a new business?

Why are flexible meeting rooms perfect for a new business

When you are a new business one of the first things that you will want to create is a good impression – from the outset. In your business’s relative infancy it is quite likely that you will be meeting with potential key leads – this could be clients, angel investors or even a marketing agency. Whoever it is that you are meeting you will want it in a setting which can put everyone at ease and at the same time show that you are credible. Continue reading

Why a London Presence is beneficial to small business


Every time you come into contact with a customer, or a potential customer, you are being continually assessed. Whether speaking to someone in person, on the phone or even when someone visits your website – they are constantly rating you and your business. Continue reading

3 quick news bites for your small business

In the current business news storm, here are three things that you should know if you have a small business:

  1. Business regulation is exhaustive, confusing and constantly changing. Are you aware of the current and new legislation that affects your business? Recently the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has criticised the huge number of new rules that will add to the administrative burden on many firms, and expressed concern that the sheer volume of new rules could overwhelm small businesses. This goes against government pledges to cut back on the amount of regulation. [Read more here…]
  2. After the last bout of crumbling banks, it might seem more sensible to keep your money under the bed than in a bank, but Gordon Brown has said that the government would do “whatever is necessary” to protect savings. Therefore, the Financial Services Authority is set to begin negotiations with the banks to raise the threshold at which deposits are guaranteed to £50,000. [Read more here…]
  3. It might be useful to switch on the TV and have a look at The Business Channel on Sky 547. Companies from the entire world are introducing their businesses and telling their stories through the voices of their directors, customers, partners and investors. The channel also offers you the chance to produce a short promo spot that you can use for your website or for your meeting. What could you say about your business in 60 seconds?  [Read more here…]