Have a break – Take a holiday

Have a break - Take a holiday

Holiday –  something employees are all allocated to take each year for the purpose of pursuing leisurely activities and recreation away from the office.  It can also be defined as prolonged downtime which will often involve travelling abroad or going to another part of the country. It is essentially escape from a normal working routine. So for many people, particularly people who work set hours, taking a holiday is something that can be done relatively easily.

Yet for entrepreneurs and business owners switching off from work – away from the office in some far flung destination – is not always an easy thing to do. When you are responsible for the success or failure of your company taking a holiday can be tricky.

If you have staff for example are you confident that they will be able to fulfill what they have been set out to do?

You might be chasing an invoice worth a lot of money to balance your cash flow forecast. Can you let this rest for a week or even two?

There are many scenarios that small business owners face when it comes to thinking about whether taking a holiday is a good idea. However it is still important to find some point in the year to take a leave of absence. Our holiday packages could assist you in your endeavours to take that much needed break.

Here at MadeSimple, whilst we laud the ingenuity and determination of entrepreneurs, we would strongly recommend taking a holiday at some point in the year.

Here are some reasons why taking holidays aren’t only necessary but also very helpful:

Suffering Burnout

When you are a founder of a startup in its early stages there are no set hours – you will work whenever necessary (assuming you want to drive your business forward). This can mean the hours are sometimes long and at unsociable times. You might be pitching for funding; trying to win new clients; or working on your brand identity all at once. Whatever it is there will be many demands asked of you. It is understandable that these various demands may cause you to burnout. If this is the case a holiday might be what you need to recharge your batteries. Stop juggling for a period and try and find a way to delegate work to employees and partners so that you can get the rest that you need and deserve.

Foster Creativity

Just because you are on holiday, and out of the working environment, does not mean that you will necessarily stop thinking. According to startacus.net “Taking time out to be creative, be it during a holiday or otherwise is vtial. That is not to say that working during your holiday is the right way to go, but you often find that when your mind is clear from everyday chores of work, you start thinking creatively – work included” I certainly wouldn’t suggest implementing strategy at a time when you are meant to be resting – however being in a relaxed environment could potentially unlock more creative thinking and put things into greater perspective. Perhaps you may even decide to take some of this creative wisdom with you back into the office on your return.

Spend time with loved ones

As a business owner one of the toughest things that is often cited is spending enough time with your loved ones. According to freelance writer for the Guardian Rin Hamburgh “Microbusiness owners and sole traders have to be more than the CEO of their company – they have to play every important role from finance director to chief marketing officer” Understandably this can make it difficult to spend quality time with friends and family. Being on holiday – whether with friends, family or a significant other – is an important opportunity to spend uninterrupted time with the people who matter in life. Your free time is precious so make the most of it and in the company of people who you care about.

A chance to switch off

It’s a rare opportunity to refrain from (or certainly limit) answering emails, phone calls and dealing with the day-to-day challenges of owning a business. So plan your holiday in advance and let important stakeholders, suppliers and clients know that you’re going to be abroad for a period of time. If you give people good notice of when you are going to be away you will have a better chance of having a stress free holiday. The benefits of truly relaxing and getting away from the everyday hustle of owning a business cannot be overstated – and you will come back recharged and refreshed.

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