Why are flexible meeting rooms perfect for a new business?

Why are flexible meeting rooms perfect for a new business

When you are a new business one of the first things that you will want to create is a good impression – from the outset. In your business’s relative infancy it is quite likely that you will be meeting with potential key leads – this could be clients, angel investors or even a marketing agency. Whoever it is that you are meeting you will want it in a setting which can put everyone at ease and at the same time show that you are credible.

At the same time you will be concerned about various overheads – understandable for any business in startup stage – so costs will be something you need to take into consideration. Fortunately, flexible meetings rooms that cater for startups on the go, are widely available today. This is also a service that we offer here at Virtual Office MadeSimple see here for more information.

So why are these new kinds of flexible meeting rooms particularly helpful for startups and new businesses:

Cost effectiveness

Perhaps the most prominent reason for hiring a flexible meeting room is that it is significantly cheaper than if you own one. According to Digital Marketing Consultant Elizabeth Malone-Johnstone “Permanent office and meeting room premises are often an overhead you can’t justify , especially in the early days. Finding a quiet, comfortable (and professional) coworking space to talk business with your customers or partners is key”. More often than not office space with meeting rooms come as a result of your business having grown to a particular level – very rarely is this something you will be able to afford at the outset. So why not take advantage of these kinds of meeting rooms for whenever you need to make a good impression. Let’s explore some of the reasons this is beneficial.

You won’t have to use your home for meetings

There is nothing wrong with using your home for meetings – indeed this is quite a common thing as it avoids costs totally. However, it is totally understandable as to why you may have reservations about having people come and visit your home for meetings. Firstly it mixes your personal and work space together which might not be preferable. For instance let’s say you have young children it’s hardly ideal to have a meeting with a potential client you want to win over if there are toys lying around your house. Your home may also be located away from the centre of your particular city (particularly if you live in a suburb) this may be a longer journey than necessary for someone who is coming to hear what you have to offer. If you decide to use a pay as you use meeting room based in a central location you need not worry about mixing your home life and work life.

Fostering innovation in a startup hotspot

More often that not meeting rooms of this kind will be based in hubs/shared work space where other startups are also working. For an example, let’s take the area of the Tech City in East London (where MadeSimple are based). It is home to a wide variety of tech hubs – where in addition to meeting rooms – there are also ample opportunities to network with other startups. Places such as the Google Campus cater to wider needs of startups – as well as offering the basic meeting rooms. So in addition to having a flexible meeting room to impress potential clients, it’s also worth bearing the bigger picture in mind  in terms of where you are located. Who knows who might be around and who you could end up meeting.

If you would like to know more about the other services at Virtual Office MadeSimple then feel free to see here.

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