Virtual office makes a better service for your customers. Here’s how.

Virtual office makes a better service for your customers. Here’s how.

There should always be more great businesses out there, that’s a plain fact. It’s a much more interesting world when there are more high-functioning businesses – but how do you make your business go from ‘good’ to ‘great’? Well there are a number of ways to achieve this.

You might not think it, but a virtual office can really enhance your business and make it not only better, but help push it into something special. So how can this be true exactly? Here we will explore exactly how it can be true with practical points that clearly illustrate this fact.

There are many ways in which a virtual office can improve a company, but how does a virtual office help you deliver a better service in your startup?

In What Ways Does A Virtual Office Make A Better Service?

There are numerous reasons why a virtual office can make your service better, including the following:

  • Time – The most valuable commodity in business is time, if you have more time you’re more able to dedicate your energies to other areas of the business. By freeing up the time you spend dealing with post or phone calls you can more easily find the time needed to devote to other areas of your business that help growth. Many entrepreneurs find dealing with mail or phone calls to be a waste of their time.
  • Energy – Whatever way you look at it, you might not be focussed on delivering great customer service on the phone if you’re a carpenter who makes and sells furniture. Virtualized phone services can make a big impact on your levels of service, because with outsourced providers you can take advantage of an experienced crew of people that collectively deliver much more than you could deliver on your own.
  • Quality – The problem with doing your own phone calls is that your service can become a little bit low in terms of quality and consistency. But you can easily make more of an impact if you don’t have the time by outsourcing this aspect of your company. Consistent quality on demand from a professional team gives your business an edge that many startups fail to meet.

The best thing about it is that it’s really quite economical. There are so many ways to customise your virtual office with a range of different options when you sign up. This means you can pay for what you need, so prices are low and any startup can manage.

What Areas Can Be Impacted Positively By A Virtual Office

Virtual offices comprise a range of things, and they can impact many areas. But there are some other ways you might not have thoughts about. Areas to be positively impacted by virtual office services include:

  • Phones – Probably the most annoying thing to deal with as a startup is enquiries when you’re trying to focus on growing your business. But with virtual office phone services you can help alleviate the amount of time spent on such issues.
  • Mail – Dealing with mail can be annoying as a business, especially if you have a large amount. Mail forwarding options so only the important mail gets to you, and the option to scan your mail, no matter where you are when travelling as a startup.
  • Meeting Rooms – One of the most beneficial ways that a virtual office can impact your business is with meeting rooms. Startups often start in a home setting, but this is generally not acceptable for many people looking to hold meetings – especially with potential investors or partners. Booking shared meeting rooms for your own use is a great way to use your virtual office to make the right impression.

These areas are served by a virtual office, but it helps in many areas of business aside from service – including some you might not necessarily think of like the following:

  • Reputation – Your reputation improves with the better service you can provide, so if a virtual office improves your levels of service, it therefore improves your reputation as time goes on and you grow your business.
  • Profits – A recent story reported by Aaron Payne in City A.M., pointed to the success of outsourcing firm Regus, which found their profit increased 82% with the introduction of virtual offices, this is essentially due to greater efficiency. There are many perks to greater efficiency – including service, and consequently profits.
  • Growth – By outsourcing non-vital duties like call and mail handling, you free yourself up to focus on other areas. This means that you can greatly increase your potential for growth. You can quite easily devote more time to pitches, presentations and other funding opportunities that can help growth. Even if you don’t use funding schemes, this extra time devoted to improving your business can mean a higher likelihood of growth organically too.

The areas positively impacted by a virtual office are many, and they can sometimes be a little bit different to what you might expect.

Virtual Offices For Business Growth

The biggest point to remember when you choose a virtual office package there are plenty of ways to grow – which is the ultimate ambition for any business, and the ultimate perk of a virtual office.

So, when you pick your package bear that in mind. Thanks for reading, check out our other blogs, and especially the ‘Virtual Office’ section for more.

By Alex Novakovic at MadeSimple – Follow Alex on Google+

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