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How holiday cover can help a business grow – even while you’re not working

How holiday cover can help a business grow - even while you’re not working
It might sound a little bit like a wonderful dream, your business still functioning whilst you’re away, but it’s actually very achievable. Many startups and small businesses are owner-operated, which means that there is a tremendous amount of strain put on one individual. Continue reading

Why a London Presence is beneficial to small business


Every time you come into contact with a customer, or a potential customer, you are being continually assessed. Whether speaking to someone in person, on the phone or even when someone visits your website – they are constantly rating you and your business. Continue reading

A virtual office? 5 reasons why

5 good reasons to set up a virtual office.

1- No rental costs

You don’t need to have dedicated office space. Work from home or on the train in between meetings. Get moving and get your business off the ground while a receptionist fields your calls at your virtual office.

2- No Start-up costs

You don’t have to worry about office supplies; computers, desks, printers etc. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on the business and don’t worry on whether or not all these purchases are a wise investment.

3- Staff benefits? What benefits?

You don’t have to worry about full-time or part-time benefits, sick leave, health insurance or holidays. These are all just unnecessary complications. Starting up you need to concentrate on making cash, not on your staff’s work-escapism.

4- Flexibility

There is a wealth of options, packages, and offers to chose from. You can find the service that best suits your needs, whether they include 24 hour telephone answering, or meeting rooms in central London.

5- Professionalism

Give your potential clients the right impression with a prestigious office address and receptionists who answer every call in a timely manner and in your company name. No one wants to hear you are actually just working out of your shed.