How holiday cover can help a business grow – even while you’re not working

How holiday cover can help a business grow - even while you’re not working
It might sound a little bit like a wonderful dream, your business still functioning whilst you’re away, but it’s actually very achievable. Many startups and small businesses are owner-operated, which means that there is a tremendous amount of strain put on one individual.

Choose a virtual office package from Virtual Office MadeSimple and you can opt for holiday cover, which allows your business to function – even when you’re not working. This is handy not only for the business itself, but for you as an owner – as you are able to keep fresh and prevent yourself from burning out.

How Does Holiday Cover Work?

The process of covering for your business whilst your away is simple – select a holiday cover package and have your phone calls answered by our professional UK based team.

You can have cover for up to 4 weeks, your calls will be answered in your company name or as a ‘reception’ and you can have messages forwarded to you via email or text message. This ensures that you can deliver the best to your customers and keep them satisfied.

There are two packages to choose from:

  • Holiday Cover Basic – This is a very simple option. Calls to your business will be answered by our team as ‘Reception’ we will then take a message and send it to you via email. There are unlimited calls and messages with this £15 per week service.
  • Holiday Cover Plus – For a more personalised service, your calls will be answered with your company name. Messages will then be taken and sent to you via email. There are unlimited calls and messages with this £25 per week service.

The options you choose are the perfect way for your customers to keep engaged with your business, even when you are not around. This is ideally suited for the small business and entrepreneur who needs to spend time out of the office from time to time.

What Are The Core Benefits Of Holiday Cover For My Business

The most important thing about covering for someone is that you do the job as they would – and our professional UK based team are there to do just that. So the most obvious benefit of holiday cover is that your business functions seamlessly with the outside world when you’re not around – leaving your customers and clients with the level of service that they expect.

Some other benefits include:

  • Short Term Business Travel – As a startup, new business can come in quickly and suddenly – and you don’t want to miss out. That’s why our holiday cover options are great, because you can easily add a date to be covered should the need arise.
  • Rest & Recreation – Entrepreneurs are a determined bunch, but sometimes you really need a break. Holiday cover for the purposes of taking time off can genuinely help your business as you can rest up and come back refreshed.
  • Avoiding Burnout – Enthusiasm and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. Founder of consulting practice In Good Company, Adelaide Lancaster, wrote for Forbes that “Most entrepreneurs don’t like to think about the huge consequences burnout can have for both the business and its founder”.

The biggest and most important benefit of holiday cover, is that it can help you be a better business – both by giving you as a business owner an opportunity to take time off (for whatever purpose) and also by giving your customers the experience they deserve, and expect.

Holiday Cover – For Business Growth

The purpose of having a company is to grow it and build something substantial that is really a long term goal. Holiday cover, whilst no guarantee of business success, can help you along the way and make that journey much simpler. So choose your holiday cover option now and get started – if you need more than temporary holiday cover, check out our virtual office packages for longer term phone and mail forwarding solutions.

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