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Large Global Companies can benefit from Virtual Office Services too

You don’t have to be based in the UK to use a virtual office service

The use of a virtual office service is accepted globally as an ideal and cost-effective way to test or start up in a new international market. It gives companies a presence in the market, and the opportunity to explore before deciding where to expand permanently.

If you are an overseas company looking to enter the UK market, here are four reasons why you should test the waters with our virtual office service:

An overseas office without leaving your chair – Without having to travel and set up an office in a foreign country, you can give customers the perception that you have a UK office with our virtual office service.

An office without the overheads – The financial costs of running multiple offices, i.e. rent, salaries, utilities and equipment, are high. For a small monthly fee of £24.99 +VAT, our virtual office service offers a comprehensive solution without the high overheads of a conventional office.

Prestigious business address – With our central London address and telephone number, your company will appear more prestigious and more established in the UK than it really is; thereby, enhancing the reputation and credibility of your business.

Efficient communication system – With our virtual office service, we will have your business mail and call messages delivered to you instantly via e-mail, so that you can focus your efforts on the more important things, such as marketing yourself in the UK.

See here for more information about our Virtual Office services.

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