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Amazing numbers from Companies House in January

Even in these very difficult times people from all over the UK are forming new companies. The numbers are down, but still respectable as the figures below from Companies House clearly show for the month of January:

04/01/2009                                      1,672

11/01/2009                                      6,077

18/01/2009                                      6,660

25/01/2009                                      6,790

01/02/2009                                      6,302

Howard Graham explains in his blog: “Over 6,000 companies were formed in the UK last week alone, companies that represent the hopes and dreams of many people from all over the country who are possibly making a new start. measure and monitor the performance of our business and this is something I would encourage new businesses to do. Knowing the numbers is key to growing a business. As we make and implement decisions, it is only with this sort of data, that we can measure the extent to which they are successful.Of course , not every company is able to get such up to date data on market share, but there are plenty of numbers in a business that can be readily ascertained and measured over time and far too few businesses actually do this.”

Reports on a fraudulent company…

It has been brought to our attention that SOS Master Tickets, a company that subscribed to our mail forwarding service are fraudulent, as reported on BBC.com earlier today.

As soon as were made aware of the situation we terminated their service with us and have offered our full cooperation to Islington Council’s Trading Standards.

London Presence acts as an agent for the companies that use our services and is not responsible for any activities of our clients. We pride ourselves in assisting new companies and so abhor any company of this ilk and would like to stress that we do everything we can to ensure all companies dealing with us are fully legitimate. Any company contradicting this will have their services stopped immediately and details handed over to the authorities.

This particular case (SOS claimed to be selling music festival tickets) resonates throughout our office as music is a passion shared amongst us all at London Presence.

If you are made aware of any company operating fraudulently, please do not hesitate to contact Trading Standards.

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