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How to save money – Lesson 1

Every penny counts, now more so than ever. So what better time for some handy saving tips? Look after the pennies and, well you know the rest…

Lunchtime eating:

1. Cheap Deals: Many restaurants have some kind of “early-bird” deal, normally around 4.30 – 6.30. You are obviously choosing from a limited menu but more often than not the selection is just the same as the normal menu with a little less choice.

2. Special Offer: look at toptable.co.uk and you’ll find special offers for every taste.

3. New times: If you simply must eat out then why not try going to a restaurant for lunch instead of dinner, the lunch set menus are normally far better value.

4. Drinks: ask for tap water and save money on pricey drinks. Or even better keep some squash at work and make it last for weeks.

5. DIY: Sick of buying the exact same ciabatta from the exact same Italian sandwich bar? Whether you make your packed lunch in the morning or buy the ingredients and make it at lunchtime, you will save an incremental fortune over the course of the months of your practical planning. How long can you make it last?