Why Use A Mail Forwarding Service?

You have a home, you have a letter box and you have a postman. So why would you consider using a mail forwarding service for your business? It’s a fair question and one we’re eager to address. For too long the Mail Forwarding service has been seen as a retreat for the not-so honest (or outright dodgy) businessman. Due to our stringent ID checks, not so anymore. So how could you benefit from a mail forwarding service?

If you own a business and give your home address out in any capacity, be it as your registered office (see here) or as your trading address, customers will turn up at your door. Fact. Whilst this may be fine with some – others may not be so keen. So why not provide your customers with an alternative address where they can reach you via a letter? There’s nothing deceptive in protecting your home address. And if your customer turns up at our offices we’ll politely inform them that we are a mail forwarding service and encourage them to leave a message for us to pass on. We will not give out your details.

Secondly, how often have couriers attempted to deliver an item to your house only for you not to be in, resulting in a Saturday morning spent down at the post office? With a mail forwarding service this would be a thing of the past as our offices are manned Monday to Friday, 9am to 17.30pm meaning we can sign for and then forward on these items. Live in London? You can even come and pick the items up.

Finally – it can add prestige to your business. When you’re launching a new business, it is vital to keep costs down while still appearing professional.  Working from home may be the smartest decision at this point in time, but let’s face it – appearances do matter. Our mail forwarding services, allow you to use a prestigious Central London mailing address without the high prices involved in renting a physical office.  Put your best foot forward and give your potential clients more confidence in your business.

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