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As you may be aware, we recently relocated headquarters to brand new offices, and this in turn has meant a brand new postcode – N1. To commemorate the move we thought we’d share with you some of the reasons why we love our new area, right in the heart of Tech City.

Old Street Roundabout = Silicon Roundabout

The area surrounding Old Street Station has been affectionately nicknamed Silicon Roundabout after its US counterpart, Silicon Valley. And with good reason: this postcode has the highest number of web businesses and start-ups in the country. Recent findings show that approximately 15,000 tech start-ups have come to life in Tech City in the last few years. Not a bad place for our company to be based!

We’re in good company

MadeSimple aren’t the only ones who’ve opened up in N1 recently. Some of our Silicon Roundabout neighbours include Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Pinterest.

There’s always something going on

Capitalising on the creative energy of the area, the organisers of London Technology Week have decided N1 is the best place to hold their annual event. The London Innovation Summit will also take place here this Autumn. On top of this, businesses often choose the area to host launches, events and talks.

You can get connected

An area filled with techy, creative minds is the perfect place to get out and network. Fortunately some clever people have made it easy for you. Organisations such as Independent Shoreditch and Digital Shoreditch run gatherings that anyone working in Tech City can attend; great for meeting like-minded people and businesses. And for something a bit more social, the Silicon Drinkabout takes place around Old Street on Friday nights. Perfect for end of week drinks.

Get a bit of culture

Tech City may be full of start-ups but it’s also pretty full of culture! Find Banksy art on Old Street and Shoreditch, pop into a gallery on your lunch break, go for
after work drinks in some of London’s coolest pubs and bars; definitely a perk of the job!

Mix the old with the new

Old Street might now be the home of modern tech innovation, but it’s full of history and even has some hidden secrets. The long defunct (and very creepy) City Road Underground station runs underneath us and ‘Old’ Street gets its name because it’s structured around a Roman road.

Things are only looking up

As one of the capital’s most thriving industries, Tech City has been promised government support to keep its future strong and secure, including investment for new entrepreneurs. Other companies are offering their support too: BT has rolled out super-fast broadband in the area and EE have promised faster 4G to make our lives easier.

The buzz

Don’t just take our word for it… a lot of people are excited. Richard Moross, founder and CEO of Moo.com says that “tech is the new rock ‘n’ roll…Tech City is a bit like the Kings Road was in the 60s”. And Prime Minister David Cameron is also full of praise: he says that “Silicon Roundabout is the leading place in the world for hi-tech growth and innovation”.

There you have it, 8 reasons why we love N1. Now we want to hear from you. What makes your location the ideal place for your business? Let us know with a comment.

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