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Tesco: an example of British success

Hello! Welcome back to our business blog. Do you need to do your food shopping? Here in London you can choose from supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Somerfield, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Tesco: there are stores everywhere, open everyday (also 24 hours per day). From getting to know London, it’s easy to understand that Britain’s largest supermarket chain is Tesco and why it has been able to spread abroad.

In fact, the UK company will open its first site in Mumbai by the end of 2009, investing millions to be able to open in Delhi, Bangalore and the surrounding areas as soon as possible. This news represents a new direction in the expansion of british businesses into Eastern economies.

Next to the big licensed chains, London also has Indian, Pakistan, Chinese and Thai shops to offer, and in the same way in few years the biggest Indian cities will host several british shops. So, European companies start to export their brand to developing countries. In our evermore globalised economy, these countries are rich markets into which new business can expand; Sir Terry Leahy, chief executive of Tesco, said: “This is another exciting development for Tesco. It complements our entries into China and the United States, giving us access to another of the most important economies in the world.”

Why London?!

Why have a business operating out of London? That’s easy; because London is once again at the top of the list of best cities for business in Europe, according to the European Cities Monitor (ECM).

The head of the office responsible for this survey had these words to say: “From year to year London is consolidating its position as part of an elite group of global cities, together with New York and Tokyo. With the Olympic Games on the horizon in 2012, providing there is no major global economic turndown, London’s future seems to be only in one direction: up.”

Still not convinced? Okay. How about some stats… Over 20% of Europe’s top 500 companies are in London and 25% of the world’s largest financial companies have their main offices in London. $504 billion is turned over here every single day in the largest foreign exchange market in the world. So- doing business here in London… you’re in good company (pun intended!)

London is brave, it provides new contacts and partnerships everyday, it is an open minded society where everybody can work and find their way. London hosts events, conferences and exhibitions that can provide an appropriate venue for every occasion. London is smart! And it is your best chance of success. Set your sights high and optimise the potential of your business by basing your company here in London.