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Work from your home or from your office? – part 2!

Welcome back! As the counter-argument to yesterdays post, today we have ready for you several good reasons to brave the daily commute and work in an office:

1. You are not alone: you can have a chat with a colleague working at the computer; you can stop and start your conversation throughout the day; the time runs faster chatting!

2. You are part of a team: working with other people helps you all to have new ideas and finish faster. You can have meetings and quick chats, instead of emailing or calling. This means that for a response you have
just to walk to another desk, instead of wait an email all day.

3. You can interact socially (a pleasant change from the monkish, lonely existence working from home can be!) and go to lunch with co-workers, chatting about work and life. You can push and be pushed!

4. You can leave your job in the office and go home at 5:30. Ok, so maybe sometimes it’s 5 and sometimes it’s 7: but once you’ve left the office you can draw a line under your working day and forget about it until 9:00 tomorrow.

5. You can take a drink and a walk after work, and decide then what you want to eat for dinner that night.

6. You have access to everything need in a office: fax machine, copier and scanner, and moreover you have the IT Support!

7. You have unlimited access to that most essential piece of office equipment, the coffee machine (that you don’t have to start and you won’t have to wash up after!).

8. You can get out of your pyjamas and fluffy bunny slippers and dress well. Dressing in the right way is a good way to express yourself, make yourself feel professional and motivated, as well as making you feel good.

9. You can focus on your job and not on the laundry, the food shopping, the children and the cleaning!

10. You don’t have to cook yourself lunch every single day!

Are you a freelance or do you have your personal company? Take your time to think hard about which is the best solution for you. Business Made Simple provides a practical online resource for starting a every kind of
new companies… it’s up to you.

Office work and home work: what is the best solution for you? – part 1

The question of today is: if your career allows it, should you work in an office or from home? To help you to decide we have prepared a list of reasons to work from home:

1. Zero commute time: you can wake up at 7:55 and be ready at the computer at 8:00 a.m.

2. No time wasted: you can manage both your home life and your work life at the same time; Whilst your waiting for your project plan to be printed, why not do your laundry.

3. You can have a better lunch: you don’t have to worry about packing your lunch or spending money on that same sandwich from that same sandwich shop everyday.

4. Enjoy the peace and quite of working in your own surroundings, perhaps even listening to your own music and working however you wish.

5. Better and flexible schedule organisation: you can go grocery shopping, dentist visits or whatever you need to do.

6. No travel cost: This cost really adds up especially if you work in London (of course it’s also a bonus not to find yourself stuck beneath someone’s armpit on the tube twice a day.)

7. No time or money spent on babysitting, afterschool and camps for the children: they could stay home under the best babysitting control (yours).

8. You can work in pajamas and bunny slippers: no more homogeneous suites and ties or uncomfortable shoes!

9. No office politics or rules.

10. No boss looking over your shoulder!

What do you think? Are you convinced to move your office home yet? Well don’t make up your mind just yet – read tomorrow’s entry which explores the flip-side to this coin, so come back tomorrow.

Hail to the mail!

9am on a Monday and the Royal Mail bags come down. Not the most exciting occurrence you may think but these large grey sacks maybe, just maybe contain the hopes and dreams of a brand new company. A weekend’s worth of mail ready to be sorted and sent on to the rightful owner. It’s quite a responsibility.

Perhaps it was the business card given out at the conference last week, the pen left behind after a meeting, maybe even the website. Who knows? But somehow, someone has got hold of the business address and the company is now “live”, dealing in the currency of hard mail.

Now working in any postal department may not be the most glamorous job in the world (it did after all give birth to the phrase “going postal ”) but to see a company grow can give a real level of satisfaction. Once that business address is out there the floodgates are open and watching that trickle of mail turn into a torrent, feeding the company opportunities gives almost a sense of duty. If the mail is the lifeblood of a company we are the veins.

Okay, enough of the whimsy. The truth remains though that mail remains an integral part of any business so the importance of every piece of mail must never be underestimated. One man’s junk mail is another man’s unique business opportunity and with email accounts being clogged up with more spam than Tesco, operations are reclaiming direct mail as a tool to get across their product, engage their customers and make all new business connections.

So the moral of the story? Don’t underestimate the power of your mail, sending or receiving!

An office in the heart of London

Display your virtual office address and give your clients the impression that you operate from the heart of London: £17.63 / month
Professional secretaries answering at the phone for you everyday: £30.55 / month
Get your mail from your Virtual Office in the centre of London everyday: £17.63 / month
A meeting room in St. John Street to meet your partners: £23.50  / hour
To have a London Presence: £ 17.63 / month
Enjoying your life and your job in the country: … priceless!

A great solution: a virtual office!

A physical London office has a great impact on business, but it’s very expensive. Cost and quality of life are not the least significant factors to decide on having a virtual office in such an expensive and important city of the world. A Virtual Office is a guarantee of a high level of communication (dedicated receptionists answer calls in your company name), a prestigious business address, corporate boardrooms, meeting rooms and office space.

A Virtual Office give clients the impression that you operate from the heart of London and protect your home address, it doesn’t have any setup fees and has a low monthly cost. A Virtual Office is the best solution to have the prestige of a multinational corporation, without the cost: the cheapest chance for a global future.

How can you rent a Virtual Office in London? Joining londonpresence.com is easy and fast: you just need to fill the form online! Choose your package from the list and follow the easy instructions and in three days you can have an address in London for your company.

Why London?!

Why have a business operating out of London? That’s easy; because London is once again at the top of the list of best cities for business in Europe, according to the European Cities Monitor (ECM).

The head of the office responsible for this survey had these words to say: “From year to year London is consolidating its position as part of an elite group of global cities, together with New York and Tokyo. With the Olympic Games on the horizon in 2012, providing there is no major global economic turndown, London’s future seems to be only in one direction: up.”

Still not convinced? Okay. How about some stats… Over 20% of Europe’s top 500 companies are in London and 25% of the world’s largest financial companies have their main offices in London. $504 billion is turned over here every single day in the largest foreign exchange market in the world. So- doing business here in London… you’re in good company (pun intended!)

London is brave, it provides new contacts and partnerships everyday, it is an open minded society where everybody can work and find their way. London hosts events, conferences and exhibitions that can provide an appropriate venue for every occasion. London is smart! And it is your best chance of success. Set your sights high and optimise the potential of your business by basing your company here in London.