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How to save money – Lesson 2

Today the Bank of England has said (again) that next year the UK will have to prepare for a recession. The experts have predicted that inflation could fall to 1% in 2010. All the while unemployment soars above 1.8m.
It’s time to save money for the ominous future, because every penny saved is a penny earned. And you can easily save money with a bit of control over your food, at home, going out and finance.

Last week we touched on food, now here are our suggestions to save money at home:

• Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
• Fit energy-saving light bulbs: they’re kind to the environment and they save you money in the long run.
• Take a shower, not a bath: it uses a lot less water and therefore saves on heating.
• Hanging out the washing is free: don’t use the energy-thirsty tumble dryer.
• Turn down the thermostat on your central heating by just one degree when you leave the flat.
• Check always your gas and electricity bills.
• Gently heat rooms you don’t use.
• Ensure that you don’t have leaky windows and doors.
• Fit loft insulation: some councils offer grants.
• Don’t leave electrical equipment, such as TVs and stereos, on standby: it wastes electricity.

Office work and home work: what is the best solution for you? – part 1

The question of today is: if your career allows it, should you work in an office or from home? To help you to decide we have prepared a list of reasons to work from home:

1. Zero commute time: you can wake up at 7:55 and be ready at the computer at 8:00 a.m.

2. No time wasted: you can manage both your home life and your work life at the same time; Whilst your waiting for your project plan to be printed, why not do your laundry.

3. You can have a better lunch: you don’t have to worry about packing your lunch or spending money on that same sandwich from that same sandwich shop everyday.

4. Enjoy the peace and quite of working in your own surroundings, perhaps even listening to your own music and working however you wish.

5. Better and flexible schedule organisation: you can go grocery shopping, dentist visits or whatever you need to do.

6. No travel cost: This cost really adds up especially if you work in London (of course it’s also a bonus not to find yourself stuck beneath someone’s armpit on the tube twice a day.)

7. No time or money spent on babysitting, afterschool and camps for the children: they could stay home under the best babysitting control (yours).

8. You can work in pajamas and bunny slippers: no more homogeneous suites and ties or uncomfortable shoes!

9. No office politics or rules.

10. No boss looking over your shoulder!

What do you think? Are you convinced to move your office home yet? Well don’t make up your mind just yet – read tomorrow’s entry which explores the flip-side to this coin, so come back tomorrow.