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How to save money – Lesson 2

Today the Bank of England has said (again) that next year the UK will have to prepare for a recession. The experts have predicted that inflation could fall to 1% in 2010. All the while unemployment soars above 1.8m.
It’s time to save money for the ominous future, because every penny saved is a penny earned. And you can easily save money with a bit of control over your food, at home, going out and finance.

Last week we touched on food, now here are our suggestions to save money at home:

• Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
• Fit energy-saving light bulbs: they’re kind to the environment and they save you money in the long run.
• Take a shower, not a bath: it uses a lot less water and therefore saves on heating.
• Hanging out the washing is free: don’t use the energy-thirsty tumble dryer.
• Turn down the thermostat on your central heating by just one degree when you leave the flat.
• Check always your gas and electricity bills.
• Gently heat rooms you don’t use.
• Ensure that you don’t have leaky windows and doors.
• Fit loft insulation: some councils offer grants.
• Don’t leave electrical equipment, such as TVs and stereos, on standby: it wastes electricity.

Work from your home or from your office? – part 2!

Welcome back! As the counter-argument to yesterdays post, today we have ready for you several good reasons to brave the daily commute and work in an office:

1. You are not alone: you can have a chat with a colleague working at the computer; you can stop and start your conversation throughout the day; the time runs faster chatting!

2. You are part of a team: working with other people helps you all to have new ideas and finish faster. You can have meetings and quick chats, instead of emailing or calling. This means that for a response you have
just to walk to another desk, instead of wait an email all day.

3. You can interact socially (a pleasant change from the monkish, lonely existence working from home can be!) and go to lunch with co-workers, chatting about work and life. You can push and be pushed!

4. You can leave your job in the office and go home at 5:30. Ok, so maybe sometimes it’s 5 and sometimes it’s 7: but once you’ve left the office you can draw a line under your working day and forget about it until 9:00 tomorrow.

5. You can take a drink and a walk after work, and decide then what you want to eat for dinner that night.

6. You have access to everything need in a office: fax machine, copier and scanner, and moreover you have the IT Support!

7. You have unlimited access to that most essential piece of office equipment, the coffee machine (that you don’t have to start and you won’t have to wash up after!).

8. You can get out of your pyjamas and fluffy bunny slippers and dress well. Dressing in the right way is a good way to express yourself, make yourself feel professional and motivated, as well as making you feel good.

9. You can focus on your job and not on the laundry, the food shopping, the children and the cleaning!

10. You don’t have to cook yourself lunch every single day!

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