Virtual Office: London Business Address Pros and Cons

Virtual office: London business address pros and cons

London businesses have advantages and disadvantages. It’s the same of any geographical location. The advantages of a particular location change based on the type of industry you’re in. For example, a movie studio in Hollywood is going to fare better than one in Bognor (probably!).

This leaves some companies somewhat shut out, as they don’t have the same crack at the market that companies within an area known for a particular industry might. A virtual office can help, because it gives access to a place where you are not physically present.

You sign up and use the address or phone numbers of an external office as if they were your own. Ours is in Tech City near Old Street in London’s N1 district. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of London? Let’s take a look at the business pros and cons of a virtual office there.


  1. Prestige and perception – Simply put, when someone sees a business with a London address they trust it more (or at least look upon it more highly). For example if you had a business address in Manhattan you might see a similar assumption of greater wealth and business clout.
  2. Credibility and ability – Similarly, if you look at the address of a business and it is in London there are associations of greater wealth and business expertise. They are more believable and legitimate.

Simply put, the prestige of the address informs the perception of the business. But remember, you still have to be the best possible business you can be, don’t just rely on prestige alone.


  1. Initial Costs – The cost of an address in London is quite substantial, for example there are huge expenses associated with commercial property.
  2. Added Expenses – Rent and other bills like power, web-connectivity and water that can be significant.

The cons of a London office are diminished with a virtual office however, with a significant reduction in costs and the associated responsibility of owning or renting a commercial property.

London addresses for business

A business will not be made or broken by its address, but it can help to get people through the door and make an impact on your potential customers and clients.

You can make use of a mail forwarding address, or add extra features like a London telephone number as required.

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