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The interesting thing about virtual offices is that they work just like a regular office. They really aren’t that different. You can get everything done in a virtual office that you would normally in a regular office, and you might find that in some ways they are superior.

Physical office spaces certainly have their benefits, sometimes a face-to-face meeting is the only thing that counts – like when pitching to a client or having some other kind of important meeting. But even then, after you choose your virtual office package you can take advantage of hired meeting room space.

The most significant benefit of a virtual office is that although they are virtual they can paradoxically make you and your business much more connected. Let’s explore how companies are doing this in more detail here.

Your Post Office – Dealing With Mail…

The nature of business in this day and age is quite fluid, both in terms of the connectivity that the internet has given us and the geographic spreading of industries who operate largely online. You can work with someone from your home in Leeds and have a productive daily working relationship with someone in Lancashire.

This is a perk of the connectivity of the internet, however there are somethings that only a virtual office can solve in terms of increasing connectivity. One of these things is mail. Dealing with mail is impossible to do online, however with mail forwarding services of a virtual office you are still connected to your office, no matter where you are.

You can have mail forwarded on to you wherever you are in the world, with the option for parcels or letters to be forwarded on to you – or you can have letters scanned and sent on to you via email. This is great for getting digital copies of important mail or if you need to receive mail whilst travelling. So it’s basically a way that a virtual office connects you to the more physical office space.

Your Reception – Handling Calls…

The important thing to remember about a virtual office is that it is still a centralised and consistent location, in this case our offices on Wenlock Road in London N1. The difference is that you, as the business owner, won’t be there most of the time.

What this means is that you can have a single address for your clients and customers, as well as a phone number. As a result, if you make use of phone services from us you will find a much more integrated experience than the virtual solutions to business you can provide yourself working from home for example.

We take your calls, answered in your company name, and then send you a message via email for SMS. You can even have your calls patched through to you if you wish. This keeps you connected to your calls – without you having to actually handle them yourself. It’s an interesting way that a business can be made more connected with a virtual office, despite you as the business owner not being physically present.

How Does A Virtual Office Connect You To Your Business?

There are numerous benefits for keeping your office connected through a virtual office. The first is costs. It’s very expensive to maintain an office space, particularly in London, and having the ability to make a good impression with a prestigious address without the associated costs is a great benefit.

Other benefits include:

  1. Reputation – When you have your calls professionally handled you give a good impression to your customers. It shows you care and that even if you are a small company looking to grow you still have the ability and desire to serve your customers well.
  2. Flexibility – You can change your package to suit your needs. Are you heading abroad to a conference for a while? You can then change your mail to be scanned only so you can receive mail whilst away. You can change your phone services to have them patched through to you if you like too. Flexibility is easy to do and can be done as you need.
  3. Work Space When You Need It – As mentioned previously, you can rent meeting room space from just £25 an hour if you need it. It’s all at our registered office address where you send your mail, so you will have access to all of what a physical office space has to offer. This well-equipped business space is valuable to companies looking to bridge the gap between physical and virtual work.

Doing business is hugely flexible in a virtual office, it’s malleable and has a lot of the pluses of a physical office space – but without the associated limitations of costs and commitment. Not only this, but it’s a great way to take advantage of a dedicated team committed to delivering on your expectations and pass that dedication onto your customers, especially when you can’t manage it all yourself.

Virtual Office – Freedom, Flexibility & Connectivity…

There are many ways that a virtual office bridges the gap between a physical and virtual environment. It’s a great way to keep yourself connected, but without the limitations that working remotely can bring for a business. It’s a fantastic way to grow, so choose your virtual office package and avoid the hassle of mail and calls to focus on growing your company.

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