What is a Registered Office?

The Registered Office doesn’t have to be where a company conducts its business

The registered office is the official address of a UK limited company. This address can be any physical address based in the UK (there are rules about moving the registered office between countries) that the company has permission to use.

• It doesn’t have to be where the company conducts its business
• It can be a residential address (as long as the owner of the property has given permission)

Official bodies such as HMRC will send mail to this address; part of the criteria set out by Companies House is that this mail must then be forwarded onto the company director/s if they are not based in the building.

Our Mail Forwarding and Virtual Office Packages do not include a registered office service. If you own a limited company and wish to use our address as your registered office, you can purchase the relevant service here:

Registered Office Service: £45 plus VAT

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