How to Set Up a Mail Forwarding Service

How to Set Up a Mail Forwarding Service

A mail forwarding address is very useful. You can use it to receive business mail, even when you’re not there. Here we will look at the process of setting up a mail forwarding address. It’s extremely easy to do.

Firstly, how does this work exactly?

You are getting your mail forwarded on to you wherever you are in the world. It’s almost like having someone in all the time to collect your mail for you. This mail is then sorted, in a similar way that a business secretary might do. It is then posted on to you in the same manner as an efficient courier service.

It’s a convenient business arrangement for many startups, particularly those in the early stages, or in the case of freelancers and contractors working from home primarily and in need of a company address that is unrelated to their home address.

Now how do I do this?

Your mail forwarding address is essentially delivered in 3 steps:

  1. Choose Your Package – Whether you want all your mail forwarded within 24 hours or you’d like a only scanned copies of letters via email, choose your package on our mail forwarding page.
  2. Provide Proof of ID – Choose to pay for 3 months or 12 months and provide your £20 postage deposit. Then, we are required to check your identification and address. It’s a simple process and you just scan 2 documents (depending on your location).
  3. Start Receiving Mail – Your service will be ready in 24 hours once we have your valid ID. Start giving out your new address and keep the junk away from your letterbox with only the most important mail forwarded or scanned for you.

That’s it. Super easy and great for your privacy, security and convenience.

When is this useful?

It’s not just a nice luxury, it’s great for a number of business reasons.

  1. Going Abroad – When you’re a business, you don’t just limit yourself to one area. You can make your presence global. This means virtual office services are useful as they free you up geographically as you can receive mail via email or have it forwarded anywhere in the world.
  2. Focussing – Entrepreneurs need time to plan, meet and discuss – they don’t need to be dealing with mail. It’s a totally avoidable chore, and this can help you focus on the core areas of a business.
  3. Image – If your address is a central London location it’s quite appealing for a potential customer or client as there is a sense of trust instilled. Whatever way you look at it, there’s a great sense of pride in being associated with a buzzing metropolis.

It’s convenient, flexible and gives a good impression for people looking to do business with you.

Mail Forwarding Address in 3 Steps

It’s very easy to setup, and you can start receiving mail in just 3 steps. Set up your mail forwarding address and give yourself the convenience of a comprehensive service in just 24 hours.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more on how mail forwarding can #ChangeYourLife in business.

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