Large Global Companies can benefit from Virtual Office Services too

You don’t have to be based in the UK to use a virtual office service

The use of a virtual office service is accepted globally as an ideal and cost-effective way to test or start up in a new international market. It gives companies a presence in the market, and the opportunity to explore before deciding where to expand permanently.

If you are an overseas company looking to enter the UK market, here are four reasons why you should test the waters with our virtual office service:

An overseas office without leaving your chair – Without having to travel and set up an office in a foreign country, you can give customers the perception that you have a UK office with our virtual office service.

An office without the overheads – The financial costs of running multiple offices, i.e. rent, salaries, utilities and equipment, are high. For a small monthly fee of £24.99 +VAT, our virtual office service offers a comprehensive solution without the high overheads of a conventional office.

Prestigious business address – With our central London address and telephone number, your company will appear more prestigious and more established in the UK than it really is; thereby, enhancing the reputation and credibility of your business.

Efficient communication system – With our virtual office service, we will have your business mail and call messages delivered to you instantly via e-mail, so that you can focus your efforts on the more important things, such as marketing yourself in the UK.

See here for more information about our Virtual Office services.

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Mail Forwarding: What happens to Mail that’s received at the weekend?

What happens to your weekend mail if you have a mail forwarding service?

Royal Mail and couriers know that there is no one at our premises at the weekend. Therefore we do not receive weekend deliveries; instead we receive weekend mail on the Monday. We then aim to get this mail out (or scanned) to you on the same day,

See here for more information about our different Mail Forwarding services.

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How do I download my London Presence invoice?

Download your invoice in 5 simple steps

If you require an invoice after purchasing a service with us:

  1. Login to London Presence
  2. Select “My Payments”
  3. Select “Orders”
  4. Select “View” next to the correct order
  5. Select “DOWNLOAD AS PDF”

And there you have it – your invoice!

Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

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How can I change my Mail Forwarding Option?

How’s your mail handled?

Rather easily!

If you have a Mail Forwarding or Virtual Office service with London Presence, you have a number of “Mail Forwarding Options” – ie what we do with your mail once we receive it:

  • Post When Arrives
  • Post Weekly on Fridays
  • Collect
  • Scan
  • Scan and Collect
  • Scan and Post

When initially signing up for your service, you simply select one of the above.

If you wish to change how your mail is handled after signing up:

  1. Sign In to London Presence
  2. Select “My Services”
  3. Scroll to “Preferences” and select “Change”
  4. Scroll to “Mail Forwarding Options” and select the relevant circle
  5. Select “Save”

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Sign up for 12 months in advance and get 2 months for free!

When you are signing up for any of our Mail Forwarding, Phone Answering or Virtual Office Packages, we’ll give you a choice:

You can either sign up for 3 months in advance (the default selection) or you can opt for 12 months in advance, whereby you get 2 months free.

To change your selection when at the “Basket” simply:

  • Select the dropdown arrow in the “Sign up for” box
  • Select your desired price plan
  • Select “Update”

Just like this:

Do you have any questions about this? Leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

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How do I cancel my London Presence service?

There are no cancellations fees with London Presence

If you wish to cancel your service with us, simply email your request to and we’ll take care of the rest. There is no cancellation fee for customers who wish to stop using their service/s with us.

Service refunds

Please note that we are unable to issue refunds for services that have already been used – in part or in full.

Postage deposits

If you are cancelling with us, we’ll happily refund any unused postage deposit, just as long as there are no outstanding payments due on your account.

Our team will be happy to help if you have any questions regarding this:

Contact Us

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Part of a family business? We’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch if you’re part of a family business!

Offering the services that we do; London based mail forwarding and virtual office solutions, it’s not surprising that a fair portion of our customers are running a business from home. It’s also then safe to assume that a number of these businesses are family businesses.

Why do I bring this up? Because I’ve just read a great article on The Guardian’s Small Business Network: How to survive as a family-owned business. The article is by Mark Ormiston (of Ormiston Wire who’ve been around since 1793) and is well worth a read. However, Mark only touches on possible conflicts that can arise in family-run operations. Continue reading

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6 reasons why an EC1V London address makes your business one of the cool kids on the block

1. Everyone knows where London is. Sounds obvious but having your registered office and mailing address in EC1 London says so much in the business world. Of course having a business address anywhere else is fine, but having a London EC1V address really makes a statement about your business and aspirations.

Silicon Roundabout

2. “Tech City B**ch, Tech Tech City B**ch”. EC1V is where Silicon Roundabout (tech startup city) is based. Data released earlier this month reveals that for the second year in a row, the area has spawned the most new enterprises in Britain. And you simply could not ask for better business neighbours – your postcode will be shared with the likes of Google Campus and Facebook UK as well as endless tech startups including Moo, Funding Circle and Decoded.

3. Be part of London – The Brand. London is a brand in itself. If you want your business to be part of this, a London postcode is obviously necessary. It’s not just about the aforementioned tech hub, London is a world renowned centre for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Continue reading

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